Immature B cell development, journey of the T cells, thymus

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

6 MarchWhy stop H gene rearrangementcSo you dont get more than 1 type of IgM Hc made on the same B cellI5 knockout mice cant form the preB receptor and therefore cant signalenforce allelic exclusionThese KO mice couldnt progress past the preB stagePreB receptor signaling promotes allelic exclusion in 3 waysDownregulates expression of Rag1 and 2Upregulates protease that chews up Rag2Sequesters VDJ gene area away from recombination machineryNote allelic exclusion also prevents production of the other light chainWhen a successful lightchain rearrangement occurs the gene is transcribed and a complete IgM molecule is formed at the surfaceKey points of immature B cell stageSurrogate light chains displaced by realComplete BCR on surfaceGoes through B cell selection765 x 10 immature B cells are produced each day but only 10 5 x 10 actually make it into the recirculating B cell pool6The other 90 of immature B cells die about 45 x 10 in the bone marrow4 Fates of Immature B Cells
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