Antibody structure, recombination signal sequence structures, V gene segments

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

13 FebruaryChapter 5 overviewBillions of foreign and self antigensThe germs can mutateBillions of antibody and TCRs neededMutation and recombination of DNAmRNA splicing to switch Ig classesElimination of useless defective cellsFurther mutation to make better antibodiesWhat I want you to know about Chapter 5Do not memorize numbersKnow how recombination worksBasic movements of DNARag and TdT proteinsWhere the changes affect structure of antigen bindingRNA splicingsecreted Ab vs membrane BCR IgM and IgDClass switchingTCRsIn light chainvariable V region is spliced to joining J regionVJ region spliced to constant C regionIn heavy chaindiversity D region spliced to J regionDJ region spliced to V regionDJV region spliced to C regions containing hinge region
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