Evasion of immune defenses, anatomic seclusion/latency, leprosy

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
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MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

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15 AprilThe big picture evading host defensesAll pathogens have evolved evasion mechanismsVirusesBacteriaParasitesMechanismsAntigenic variation now you see it now you dontCloaking wolf in sheeps clothingLatencyanatomic seclusion hide and seekMolecular mimicry do as I say not as I domainly large DNA viruses downregulate or prevent immune responseImmune interference communication breakdownToxins offense is the best defenseShedding invisibility cloaklose cell surface moleculesPart 1 evasion of immune defense by pathogensBig picture pathogens use a number of tricks to evade the immune response countercounterattackImmune response must evolve to countercountercounterattackRepeatThe cold warAntigenic evasion by bacteria StreptococcusThere are many types of S pneumoniae which differ in their capsular polysaccharides
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