AIDS, tuberculosis related to AIDS, HIV, immunosuppression, HAART

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

22 AprilAIDSInfectionFlulike disease 5080 of cases 26 weeksAsymptomatic phasemean of 10 yearsSymptomatic phaseinfections that show in immunocompromised patientsAIDSif untreated death within 1 yearReemergence of Tuberculosis in the era of AIDS epidemicsA global emergencyThe World Health Organization WHO declared TB a global emergency in 1993About 2 to 3 million people around the world die from TB every yearOne third of the worlds population2 billion people have been infected with TB and therefore have the potential to develop active TBThe impact of TB is greatest on the poor 99 of the deaths and 95 of all cases occur in the developing worldEasily transmittedHIVGenestherapy targetsgaggroupspecific antigencore proteins and matrix proteinspolpolymerasereverse transcriptase protease and integrase enzymesenvenvelopetransmembrane glycoproteins gp120 binds CD4 and CCR5 gp41 is required for virus fusion and internalizationnefnegativeregulation factoraugments viral replication in vivo and in vitroDecreases CD4 MHC class I and II expressiongp120ligand for CD4 used to bind to T cell enveloped and taken in
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