Vaccines re: HIV, acquisition of immunity, effective vaccines, inactivation, attenuation, non-living vs. living vaccines

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

24 AprilWhy no effective vaccine for HIV yetHIV uses immune receptors CD4 and cytokine that are needed by immune systemHigh mutation rate of HIV RT is sloppyHIV may be latent for years before causing AIDSHIV may be encountered daily by individuals at high riskDifficult to get vaccines to protect the urogenital tractNo animal models mimic the disease in humans close enough to enhance the testing of vaccines for efficacy and safety32 mutationprotection against AIDSBig pictureControllingstopping unwanted immune responses via drugs and antibodiesImmunology versus cancerHelping weak responses or initiating primary response against pathogens by vaccinesAcquisition of Passive and Active ImmunityPassive immunityNaturalMaternal antibodyArtificialImmunoglobulinHumanized monoclonal antibodyAntitoxinActive immunity
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