Classes of effector molecules, T cell cytokines, cytotoxic T cells, TH1 effector cells

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

27 MarchQuick Vocabulary ReviewNave T cell mature out of the thymus circulating has not seen antigenEffector T cell capable of mediating an immune response has been activatedMemory T cell longlived capable of rapid and robust response to antigen upon subsequent exposureTarget cell infected cell tumor cell immune cell cell upon which effectormemory T cell is acting3 Classes of Effector MoleculesCytotoxinsmade mainly by CTLs perforin granzyme granulysinTightly regulatedCytokinesmade by all T and B cellsCytokines can act locally on target cell or distantlyIL3 GMCSF granulocytemacrophage colony stimulating factorreleased at site of inflammation travel to bone marrowNot as tightly controlled because cytokines act on cells expressing cytokine receptors and class II MHCMembraneassociated proteinsUnderlined words made by T cellTNF and LT bind to TNFRI has death domain on target celltrigger apoptosisFasL lots on CTLs binds to Fas also on T cells has death domainapoptosis clearing of T cells once infection is controlledCD40L only on T helper cells binds to CD40on B cells macrophages DCsActivates B cellproliferation differentiationMacrophage hyperactivationIFN RTNF
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