Innate immune system receptors, signaling, innate response, innate-like lymphocytes, oxidative burst, cytokines, GPCR, sepsis

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

30 JanuaryWhat do I need to know Innate Immune System ReceptorsHow do the cells and molecules of the innate response recognize and attack broad classes of pathogensHow do white blood cells get to tissues to attack pathogensCytokines and chemokinescompare and contrastInnate immunityspecificity inherited in the genome expressed by all cells of a particular type triggers immediate response recognizes broad classes of pathogens interacts with a range of molecular structures of a given typeAdaptive immunityencoded in multiple gene segments requires gene rearrangement clonal distribution able to discriminate between even closely related molecular structuresFunctional Consequences of SignalingCell growthProliferationMitogens cause mitosissuperantigensvigorous nonspecific growthDeathFunctionMovement to different tissuesBone marrow to thymus or peripheral tissues for developmentMovement to inflamed tissueslocal lymphoid tissues extravasationMacrophagesDCs endocytosis of antigenscytokines antigen presentation killing of endosomal pathogensmigration to local LNsT cells NK cells cellscytokines activate killinginhibition of immune response lateB cellsantibody secretionDevelopment of memory in B and T cells
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