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Forces, electric potential, wave properties

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PH 122
Brian Jones

24 January Mechanics Review Changes in motion are due to forces. There are only a limited number of forces. We’ll learn about a few more in this class. Energy is conserved. There are several forms of energy. We’ll learn about a few more in this class. All waves follow certain rules. We’ll spend a good deal of time talking about EM waves in this class. Forces Same thing, but new forces. And they’re wicked strong. We will usually describe forces using a field model. The Basic Energy Model Same thing, but new kind of potential energy. Charges “roll downhill.” Forces Change Motion A proton (mass 1.67 x 10 -27kg) experiences a force 1.00 x 10-1N to the right. (A typical magnitude.) 1. What is the acceleration of the proton? F = ma F a = m 10x10 −10N a = −27 1.67x10 kg m 16 a = 6 x 10 s2 2. At this acceleration, how long would it take the proton to reach the speed of light? (Artificial but instructive question.) Δv a = Δt Δv Δt = a 3x10 8m s Δt = 6x10 16 s 2 Δt = 5 x 10 s Forces between charges kQ 1 2 F = r2 k – electrostatic constant Q 1 charge 1 Q – charge 2 2 r – distance between the charg
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