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Paths of charged particles

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PH 122
Brian Jones

5 March Numbers Hammerhead sharks can detect magnetic fields. In one test sharks trained to get a food reward when a field was present could unambiguously respond to the field generated by a current of 1.5 A in a 100 turn coil of wire wrapped around a tank 7.5 m in diameter. What was the field strength at the center of the tank? ¿ −6Tm μ0∋ (1.26x10 A )(100)(1.5A) B = 2r = ¿ 7.5m B = 2.7 x 10 T = 27 x 10 T = 27 μT Is this field larger or smaller than the field of the earth? Earth’s field = 50 μT Numbers A typical MRI solenoid has a length of approximately 1.0 m and a diameter of 1.0 m. How many turns of wire are required to produce a field of 1.0 T (a typical field) if the maximum current the wires can carry is 100 A? N B = μ0I L BL = μ0IN BL (1T)(1m) N = = −6Tm = 8000 turns μ0I (1.25x10 A )(100 A)
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