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Eddy currents, induced emf

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Colorado State University
PH 122
Brian Jones

12 March Changing Flux Induces an emf in Transformers Transformers are used to increase or decrease an AC voltage. The rms voltage at the secondary is related to the rms voltage on the primary by N 2 (V ) = (V ) 2 rms N 1 1 rms and the currents are related by N 1 (I ) = (I ) 2 rms N 2 1 rms A power pack for a portable stereo delivers 1.0 A at a voltage of 9.0 V under normal operation. It has 400 turns of wire on the primary coil. What is the power output? P = IV = (1.0 A) (9.0 V) = 9.0 W How many turns of wire are on the secondary? N 2 9 V = 120 400 N 2 30 turns What are the voltage and current in the primary? V 1 120 V 400 I A = 1 30 I1= 0.075 A Assess Power should be the same in the primary and secondary Eddy currents Sense of force opposes motion The downward flux in one end is increasing The downward flux in the other end is decreasing The change in flux in the ends induce eddy currents in the metal The magnetic field exer
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