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Electromagnetic waves, inductor, LC circuits, tuned circuits

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PH 122
Brian Jones

24 March Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic waves are traveling waves of electric and magnetic fields. Electromagnetic waves come in a wide range of wavelengths. There is more to the spectrum than the rainbow. Long wavelengths act like waves, short wavelengths like particles. Or, more precisely, like photons. A changing magnetic field induces an electric field. A changing electric field induces a magnetic field too. The Inductor ∆iL vL= L ∆t L is the inductance; the unit is the Henry (H) LC Circuits Maximum capacitor charge is like a fully stretched spring The capacitor discharges until the current is a maximum Maximum current is like the blocks on the end of the spring having maximum speed The current can’t stop. It continues until the capacitor is fully recharged with the opposite polarization. Now the discharge goes in the opposite direction. The current continues until the initial capacitor charge in restored. Tuned Circuits 1 f = 2π √C Frequency of an LC oscillator The electromagnetic pulse An accelerated charge emits a pulse of electric and magnetic fields. This pulse travels through space. Maxwell’s equations say the speed should be
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