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Diffraction, interference, diffraction gratings, single-slit pattern, circular opening

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PH 122
Brian Jones

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21 April Diffraction With wide barriers, the wave moves straight forward. With narrow openings, the wave spreads out behind the opening. Interference Constructive interference occurs where two crests overlap. Destructive interference occurs where a crest overlap a trough. Creating a Diffraction Pattern An incident laser beam (a plane wave) shines on a screen with two slits. Waves spread out behind each slit. The two waves created overlap as they spread out behind the two slits. The two overlapped waves interfere, resulting in a pattern of light and dark bands on a screen. Constructive interference occurs with r a1d r di2fer by a whole number of wavelengths. Destructive interference occurs when r an1 r dif2er by a whole number of wavelengths plus half a wave
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