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Diverging mirrors, cameras, the eye

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PH 122
Brian Jones

30 April Warming Up The overhead projector is 2.0 m from the screen. I place a slide on the deck over the overhead to project it. I need to make the image larger, so I must move the overhead back from the screen. This makes the image out of focus. How do I need to move the lens in order to restore focus? 1 +1 = 1 s s' f Lower it toward the slide Doing the Numbers A student looks at a 2.0 cm high object through a diverging lens of focal length -10 cm. The object is 20 cm from the lens. Where does the image appear to be? How large is it? 1 1 −1 20 s' = 10 1 −1 1 s'= 10 − 20 s’ = -6.7 cm Image is upright The Diverging Mirror A ray that enters parallel to the optical axis appears to have come from the focal point A ray that enters heading for the focal point emerges parallel to the optical axis Images are small Large field of view “O
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