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Lecture 9

PSY 252 Lecture 9: Memory

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Colorado State University
PSY 252
Deana Beth Davalos

Memory Simons & Chambers • Polled public vs. memory researchers on the nature of memory Nature of Memory • Amnesia o Greek “without memory” Anterograde Amnesia: Impaired memories after event. Retrograde Amnesia: Memories impaired before event Ex. E.P. infected by virus which damaged his hippocampus • Temporal lobe; hippocampus: Inability to put memories into long term. o Older memories already stored- undamaged Long-term vs. Working Memory Amnesia offers evidence for a dissociation Long-Term • “permanent” Working • “temporary” H.M. Henry Molaison • Removed hippocampus Hippocampus: memory consolidation • Taking memories; permanent overtime Long-Term Memory: Anything stored for more than a few seconds. Capacity: • Not dealing with capacity limit which effects long-term memory • Brain’s total capacity = quadrillion bytes range (Bartol et al. 2015). • Not sure how much is available. Norman: organization is crucial- how to store & retrieve Analogy- gigantic hard drive Hints that you have different memory systems Why? • Not all one single system • One set for facts (declarative element/ explicit) • One set for procedure (non-declarative/ implicit) procedural We Forget A lot • Learning & remembering takes effort & resources • Older memories less useful • Inefficient & overwhelming • Some things are most relevant • Lots of redundant stuff • Exposure of a lot of stuff Does that lead us to know more? We believe we know more than we do… Ex. Lawson (2006) bike drawings Ex. Norman (1988) • Knowledge in world in head • Knowledge in head requires effort How Accurate is Your Memory? • Norman (1988) o Knowledge in world vs. knowledge in head o Information is in the world; thus, great precision is not required o Thus, great precision is not required • Memory is an active process • However; more exposure o Advertising o But, Beker
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