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Lecture 9

PSY 260 Lecture 9: Chap 9: Early Childhood Education

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PSY 260
John Adams

● Early Childhood Education (ECE) Overview ○ Young children are both very capable and eager to learn ○ Quality preschool education can have huge payoffs for poor individuals (health, cognitive, and social benefits); still helpful for families that have great informal education at home, but not as much so ○ Not always worth it - great home care far exceeds low quality day-care centers ○ Program quality is hard to judge, but teacher quality can be observed ● Types of ECE ○ Types of programs widely vary - preschools, day care centers, nursery schools, etc ○ 3 broad types of programs ■ Child-centered ● Encourage creative individuality ■ Teacher-directed ● Prepare for formal education system ■ Intervention ● Provide skills to low SES children ● Child-Centered ○ Children should be given freedom and options for learning activities ○ Artistic expression usually encouraged, like drawing, dancing, and telling stories ○ Often draw from both Piaget and Vygotsky’s theory ■ Piaget posited that children will learn new ideas if given capacity ■ Vygotsky contended that children will learn from each other ● Child-Centered: Montessori ○ Emphasize individual pride and achievement through independently chosen, structured projects ○ Teachers add structure and limits where it is needed ○ Traditional sitting quietly in a group setting to learn is excluded ○ Compared to peers, some studies have found that Montessori improves pre- reading, math, and theory of mind ● Teacher-Directed ○ Traditional education methods ■ Academics stressed ■ One adult teaches a group ■ Letters, numbers, shapes, and c
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