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Lecture 8

PSY 260 Lecture 8: Chapter 8: Biosocial

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PSY 260
John Adams

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❖ Brain Development: Motor Skills ➢ Children gain many skills in the window from 2 to 6 years of age ➢ Transition from inability to jump with both feet at age 2 to being able to use a knife and perform rhythmic tasks by 5 ➢ Many environmental factors influence the development of motor skills ❖ What Environment/nurture Factors Might Influence Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development? ➢ Think about play ➢ Think about the places families live ➢ Think about what activities are encouraged and discouraged within different contexts and between genders ❖ Gross Motor Skill Dev Factors ➢ “Environment is the third teacher” ■ Location - one child will learn how to swim and bait a fishing rod while another learns to make snowballs and ski ■ Culture - sports, art, music, etc ➢ All motor skills are influenced by ■ Brain maturation ■ Motivation ■ Guided practice ❖ Issues in Gross Motor Dev ➢ Strangers, traffic, and other restrictions of urban life inhibit free play ➢ Teratogens keep being harmful ■ Polluted air has a causal relationship to asthma ■ Pesticides ■ BPA from plastics ■ Tobacco smoke ■ Lead ❖ Fine Motor Skills ➢ Harder to master than gross motor skills ➢ Often require coordination of both sides of the brain ➢ Practice is the only way to improve; arts and crafts is more important than you thought ❖ Review ➢ What is child abuse ■ Deliberate that impairs a child’s physical, emotional, or sexual well-being ➢ What is child neglect? ■ Failure to meet a child’s basic physical, educational, or emotional needs ➢ What is child maltreatment? ■ Intention harm to, or avoidabl
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