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Lecture 10

PSY 260 Lecture 10: Chap 10: Emotions and Play

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PSY 260
John Adams

❖ Emotional Regulation ➢ Emotional regulation - ability to control when and how emotions are expressed ■ Hugely important developmental task at this stage of development ■ Requires connecting of the prefrontal cortex to the limbic system ■ Requires “effortful control” ■ When exercised, children no longer express so many emotions to their farthest conclusion ❖ Initiative vs Guilt ➢ 3rd stage of Erikson's psychosocial stages ➢ Children take initiative to learn and do new things, and experience pride or guilt depending on ■ The outcome ■ Reactions of others like parents ● Making up a song ● Painting a T-Rex ● Throwing a football ➢ Remember, egocentrism is protective ➢ Parents guidance of emotions that arise from attempts, success and failure is important ➢ Self-concept - understanding of identity related to self-esteem, appearance, personality, and other traits ■ Western society emphasizes manifestations of independence, like making choices ■ Strong identification with groups, (e.g. gender, age) ■ Feel sorry for people of other groups ❖ Motivation ➢ Intrinsic motivation - doing something for the joy of doing it ➢ Plays a huge role in early development and should be fostered ➢ Child-centered education ➢ E
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