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Lecture 1

PSY 315 Lecture 1: The Science of The Social Side

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Colorado State University
PSY 315
Ellen Marie Ratajack

Chapter One: The Science of The Social Side Influences of social processes of the way people: • Think (thoughts) • Feel (feelings) • Behave (behavior) How is this different than personality? • Personality: Focus on private, internal functioning & differences between people. • Social: Focus on how “most” people would react in a given situation, generally. Key Themes: • Social Cognition: How are we thinking? ◦ Attributes, attitudes & behavior • Social Influence: ◦ Conformity, obedience, group influence • Social Interactions: ◦ Positive & negative aspects of relating to others. The ScientificAttitudes: • Curious:Ask questions. • Skeptical: Not everything we read is true. • Objective: Remain as free from bias as possible. • Humble: Realize we are vulnerable to errors. • Open-minded: Commitment to change one's views to favor evidence. • Accurate: Precise & careful data. What Is Research? How Social Psychologists Answer questions: • Scientific Method ◦ Select topic-Generate hypothesis- Test & collect data-Analyze data & draw conclusions. • Why can't we just ask? ◦ Stanley Milgram's work in obedience (1963) ▪ 60% shocked patients to point of pain. ◦ Hofling Hospital Experiment (1966) ▪ 21/22 nurses administered dangerous dose o
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