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SOC 205
Daniel Mc Lane

Employment 11/5/2012 4:01:00 PM Where We’ve Been, What’s Next  Residential Segregation  Wealth Disparities  Social Segregation  Education  Employment o Three Studies:  Structural Elements  Social segregation & employment (names)  Role of Culture (McJobs) Over the course of a lifetime, college graduates make 84% more than their high school educated counterparts. Employment Discrimination  Visible [super super illegal]  Invisible  70-85% of jobs in ads [networking- who you know]  Audit Studies o Employers are less likely to  Consider applications  Interview  Offer jobs to minorities  Names What’s In A Name?  Some names correlate with black/white divide  Biblical names for both  Arabic (or Arabic influenced) o Ex) Rasheed o Rise of black power; nation of Islam  Improvised o Ex) Raschad or Lavonda  Improvised tend to correspond with geography & SES  Mariane Bertrand o 1,300 help ads o Same resume(s) o Name changed o Race or socioeconomic background? o Hard to disentangle  White- Heidi Mackenzie 36.7% callback  Asian  African American  Latino  Arab- Abdul-Aziz Mansour 23% callback Devah Pager: Mark of a Criminal Record  A history of incarceration is linked to lower employment & income  Criminal stigma?  Disrupted social patterns? o Difficult to get back into networks when having been out of it  Institutional trauma  Legal barriers to employment?  Also, what is the effect of race? Race & Record  Black-White Testers in Milwaukee: o 23 years old o college students o similar verbal skills & interactional styles o physically attractive, 5’1
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