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SOC 205
Daniel Mc Lane

Race & Health 11/7/2012 4:03:00 PM  The American Paradox o Over $2 Trillion on Health Care o Shorter often sicker lives than most industrialized nations o 30 thLife Expectancy o Fever/Aspirin Problem  Fever- causes of illnesses  Aspirin- solution to the illnesses o Disparities by race and class in the U.S. either way o 83,000 deaths attributed to race [premature deaths] o 727 [airplane] Crash Daily Every Year   Race and Health o Health Inequality: Difference in quality of health care achievements of various individuals and groups   Non-Elderly Uninsured Rates by Race/Ethnicity (2008) o Latino 34% o American Indian 32% o African American 21.3% o Asian 18% o White 13.1%   Race and Chronic Conditions (African Americans) o Adult Obesity  37% Men  50% Women o Asthma rates highest amongst blacks o Higher incidence and mortality for cancers that are amenable to early detection and treatment o Higher mortality rates for prostate, breast, and lunch cancer o Leading causes of death- heart disease, cancer, stroke   Race, Coverage Chronic Conditions (Native Americans) o Obesity o Tobacco use o Diabetes o Higher rates of diabetes mortality than whites o Heart disease, cancer o Mental health problems, substance abuse o Higher rates of suicide   Race, Coverage Chronic Conditions (Hispanics) o 68% with insurance o 46% uninsured with chronic condition o 1 in 5 do not seek health care due to language issues o And yet… o Average Life Expectancy- 80 years seven months o National Average Life Expectancy- 78 years
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