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Daniel Mc Lane

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Immigration 11/26/2012 4:06:00 PM Ben Franklin on German Immigrants (1753) [Quote]  Concern over the amount of Germans coming to PA  Germans are not white Contemporary Immigration (after 1965- no longer restrictions)  1. Size of the U.S. Population (2010) o 274 million native born o 37-41 million foreign born  30 million documented  7-11 million undocumented  2. Number of Immigrants o Absolute # = Highest in U.S. History o Yet, smaller proportion of overall population  Foreign born = 15% of population in 1900  Foreign born = 12% of population in 2010 o Whenever the economy goes down- restrictions on immigration o Why such growth of the population? Growing economy – demanded more labor + liberalized immigration provisions.  3. Country of Birth o Mexico (29.4%) o Philippines (4.4%) o India (3.3%) o China (3.2%) o Vietnam (3.2%) o +100 other sending countries!  Difference: more from Mexico & Asia rather than Europe 1820-1940  Italy  Austria  Russia  U.K.  Germany o Post 1965  Mexico  Philippines  India  China  Vietnam  +100 others  Never before has the U.S. received immigrants from SO many countries, from such different social and economic backgrounds, and for so many reasons.  4. Entry of Undocumented Immigrants o 96% of all “border crossers” are from Mexico o 40% of all undocumented = Visa Overstays  57% = Mexico  24% = Latin America  19% = Elsewhere  5. Geographic Settlement o Turn of the Century: NY, PA, IL, MA, NJ o Contemporary: CA, NY, NJ, FL, TX  6. Educational Attainment & Occupational Variance o Total Native-Born:  26.8% College Grads 83.3% High School Grads o Total Foreign Born:  26.5% College Grads 61.8% High School Grads o Not the poorest of the poor o Relatively advantaged, from middle income nations o (Getting here is not cheap)  7. Language Acquisition o 16% “language other than English at home” o Rapid language transition o Language Shift  The accusation that today’s Latin immigrants do not want to learn English or integrate into the American mainstream runs against all empirical evidence and hardly deserves consideration.”  8. Assistance o Undocumentaed barred from “welfare” o Immigrants severely restricted o Legal permanent residents must pay for 10 years into social secury and medicare before they are eligible for any benefits.  9. Incarceration o The rate for native-born men (18-39) is five times higher than for im
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