Genetic anticipation, cytoplasmic interference, maternal effect

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Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

19 September Genetic Anticipation Inherited genetic disorder shows symptoms earlier and with increased severity in each succeeding generation Huntington’s disease, fragile X syndrome Caused by meiotic slippage increasing number of abnormal trinucleotide repeats each generation Cytoplasmic Inheritance Also known as extranuclear inheritance or maternal inheritance Trait coded for by genes located in DNA of mitochondria or chloroplast Cytoplasmic organelles in most organisms have high levels of uniparental inheritance, usually maternal Cytoplasm of ovum or ovule contains multiple mitochondria and/or chloroplasts with copies of maternal organelle DNA Inheritance of Variegated Leaves in Four O’Clock Plants First described by Correns in 1908 Reciprocal crosses do not give same F1 phenotypes Maternal but not paternal extranuclear genotype inherited by F1 offspring Trait transmitted via cytoplasm Ovules from variegated maternal parent may contain: All white chloroplasts → white F1 (dies) All green chloroplasts → green F1 Mixture of wh
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