Mendel, experiments, ratios

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Colorado State University
Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

29 August Gregor Mendel 1822-1884 Began breeding experiments with peas (Pisum satiuum) in 1854 Published findings in 1865 but significance not realized until 1900 Monohybrid Cross: Tall and Dwarf Peas Gene for stem height in pea plants has two different forms or ALLELES Tall allele is DOMINANT (only parental phenotype seen in F1) Dwarf allele is RECESSIVE (parental phenotype missing in F1 but reappears in F2) F2 generation SEGREGATES into two phenotypic classes (tall and dwarf) in 3:1 ratio Genes, Alleles, and Loci Whichever allele is present (tall or dwarf version of the gene) it will always be located at a particular point or locus on the chromosome Pea plants are diploid: 2 sets of chromosomes Two copies of a gene are present at any given locus If both copies are the SAME allelic version of the gene, the pea plant is homozygous at that locus (e.g. TT or tt)
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