Transcription, promoters, termination of transcription

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Sarah Ward

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17 October Transcription First step in gene expression Production of mRNA copy (transcript) of the sequence on the DNA coding strand of a gene Transcript carries coding information out into cytoplasm where it acts as template for assembly of polypeptide RNA transcript is complementary copy of DNA template strand Transcript is same (5’ → 3’) as coding DNA strand except has uracil (U) instead of thymine (T) Promoter Function “On switch” for gene Located upstream of structural gene start codon Recognition sequences to guide RNA polymerase into position Species specific Prokaryote Promoter Sequences -10 and -35 boxes contain consensus sequences (conserved among different species) -10 – TATAAT -35 – TTGACA Up mutation brings promoter closer to consensus sequence and strengthens it Down mutation makes promoter less like consensus sequence and weakens it Promoter Region Base Sequences in E. Coli Genes The more closely the sequences at -10 and -35 resemble the consensus sequence the stronger the promoter will be Requirements for Transcription Single-stranded (ss) non-coding DNA to act as template All 4 RNA triphosphate nucleotides (building blocks for mRNA) RNA polymerase (enzyme to join
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