Quantitative traits, heritability, selection response
Quantitative traits, heritability, selection response

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Colorado State University
Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

26 September Causes of Variation in Quantitative Traits Genotype x environment interaction Different genotypes respond differently to same environment Partition of Variance for Quantitative Traits Individual quantitative phenotype: P = G + E + (GxE) Population variance for quantitative trait: Vp = Va + Vd + Ve + V(g x e) Analysis of Quantitative Traits Vp = Va + Vd + Ve + V(g x e) Total observed phenotypic variation results from Genetic variation (additive variance Va and dominance variance Vd) PLUS Environmental variation (environmental variance Ve + genotype x environmental interaction variance V(g x e) ) Vp = Va + Vd + Ve = V (g x e) Total observed phenotypic variation = genetic + environmental variation How to distinguish genetic from environmental components of variance? Either: Different genotypes in same environment Identical genotype in different environments Different Genotypes in Identical Environment Field or greenhouse trials of different crop varieties Difficult to ensure all genotypes in identical environment Even more difficult with animals (or humans) Movement Behavior Identical Genotypes in Different Environments Requires cloned individuals Clone = genetic copy Identical twins are clones Heritability Heritability measures how much of phenotypic variation for a trait in a given population is due to genotypic variation 2 Vg Broad sense heritability (H ) = Vp Va Narrow sense heritability (h ) = Vp Heritability is
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