Lac operon, genome structure/organization, gene regulation, gene methylation

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Colorado State University
Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

31 October How was Lac Operon Function Investigated? First gene regulatory system to be understood at molecular level Jacob and Monod inserted F’ plasmids into E. coli to create partial diploids (merozygotes) Found Inhibitor protein from I gene diffusible Functional I gene on one lac operon strand will repress transcription on both (provided both operators unmutated) Promoter/operator complex only controls genes downstream on same strand This is cis-dominance Which Kind of Gene Regulation Does the Lac Operon Demonstrate? Coordinate Multiple genes controlled by single promoter Negative I gene repressor protein binds to operator to block transcription – removed by lactose Positive Transcription rate greatly increased by cAMP/CAP complex binding to promoter Eukaryote vs Prokaryotic Genome Structure and Organization Eukaryotes Often multi
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