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Comparing populations, paired data

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STAT 301
Brett Hunter

12 October Comparing Two Populations (or Treatments) Checking for differences in population means 2 situations Paired data Two samples are paired if observations from one sample are paired in some meaningful way with observations from the second sample Two independent samples The selection of objects that make up one sample does not influence the selection of objects in the other sample Paired Data e.g. A researched wishes to determine whether aerobic exercise can decrease blood pressure, so a measure is taken on each patient before and after participating in an aerobic exercise program. We can pair the ‘before’ and ‘after’ measurements by patient. The advantage of paired data is to eliminate extraneous effects caused by variability with the objects (i.e., patients) themselves Set Up Look at the “difference population,” the difference between an observation in population 1 and its paired observation in population 2 Let μd= mean value of the difference population Let σ d standard deviation of the difference population x d Let d or = sample mean of difference population Let sd= sample standard deviation of dif
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