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Statistics, population, sample, variables, histogram

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Colorado State University
STAT 301
Brett Hunter

22 August Exam 1 Next Wednesday Open book, open note On WebAssign Exam 4 is cumulative final What is statistics? Statistics is the science of analyzing data and drawing conclusions from that data Population The entire group of objects about which we desire information In order to get information from all individuals in a population, we would take a census Sample A subset of the population about which we acquire information We use samples because of cost constraints, time constraints, the impossibility of checking all individuals of a population, or the destructive nature of tests As long as our sample is representative of the population, we can use it to draw inferences about the population A variable is any characteristic or trait that we are interested in that may change from object to object Types of variables, each with 2 levels 1. Categorical (Qualitative) Data fits into distinct classes i. Nominal: No natural order
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