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Lecture 22

BIOG 1440 Lecture 22: Synapses

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Biology: General Courses
BIOG 1440
Buchon, N

Lecture: Where does depolarization come from? If its a sensory neuron: incoming sensory input Otherwise signals come from other neurons via synapses Synapses are connections that pass info between neurons A synapse can form between a neuronal cell and a nonneuronal as well as two neuronal Neurons can receive thousands to hundreds of thousands of individual synaptic input (pass on just as many) Why not have them directly connected? A synapse is a choice point: signal can be passed, withheld, strengthened or weakened The vast number of synapses between neurons exponentially increases information storage capacity Synapses allow for remodeling of information flow New synapses can form between previously unconnected cells Existing synapses can increase their strength Electrical synapses: gap junction Very close together Connexon: like a toothpick through two pieces of bread Allows for bidirectional flow Fast and efficient but less ability to transform information Most synapses are chemical AP travels down axon and reaches presynaptic terminal AP opens voltage gated channel, allowing calcium flow into presynaptic terminal Ca is good because cell keeps [Ca] within the cell VERY low Transmitter is released from presynaptic cell when Ca signal triggers vesicular exocytosis Proteins of SNARE complex mediate vesicle docking and fusion Transmitter crosses cleft and binds to receptor on postsynaptic cell Bound receptor causes a change in postsynaptic cell EPSP: excitatory postsynaptic potential (depolarizes) IPSP: inhibitory postsynaptic potential (hyperpolarizing)
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