CS 2110 Lecture 2: CS 2110 Day 2 Notes

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Published on 21 Jan 2017
Cornell University
Computer Science
CS 2110
CS 2110 Day 2 Lecture Notes
I. Objects
a. Methods
i. Function: returns a value, call on it is an expression
ii. Procedure: does not return a value; call on it is a statement
b. When java creates an object, it creates a name and a memory location is
c. New expression
i. Creates an object and gives as its value the name of the object
ii. New expression gives you the name of the object.
1. Only a pointer to the object
iii. Class variables when declared and assigned contain the name of the
d. If variable contains the name of an object you can call methods of the object
using dot notation
e. Null: does not contain a pointer to an object
II. Classes
a. Class definition
i. Describes format of an object (instance) of the class
ii. public: can be used anywhere
iii. extends (inherits the methods and instance variables of the class that is
1. Makes the class a subclass of the extended class (super class)
2. Object has 2 partitions, one for inherited methods one for its own.
b. Function definition
i. The whole method is inside the object not just a pointer
ii. Public (function can be accessed anywhere)
iii. If we want it to return something we must type the datatype in the
iv. Must include return statement if we want something to be returned
v. Function calls automatically call functions that are in the object or in the
c. Procedure definition
i. Public (procedure can be accessed anywhere)
ii. Void (does not return anything)
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