CS 2800 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Finite-State Machine, Modular Arithmetic, Number Theory

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Lecture 1
(Wed, January 25)
Intro, logistics (functions)
Professor Micheal George
Discrete (not discreet)
Discrete structures- there’s not a “part way”
- Sets, relations, functions and apply to counting (talking about sizes of infinity)
- Probability
- Finite automata (there are no programs that can solve this problem, etc)
- Number theory (esp modular arithmetic)
- Graphs
- Logic (applies through the whole course, but will delve deeper into it at the end of the
- There will always be true things
Mathematics & computer science ← common description
The emphasis: level of mathematical sophistication
Key Skills:
- Build mathematical models of problems
- Describe precisely
- Prove properties
Viewed as a math course
Will involve a lot of writing
Course Logistics
- Attendance is expected, but attendance is not necessary
- Not allowed to use laptops in lecture
- Ask questions!
- One assignment a week
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