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Lecture 4

EAS 1220 Lecture 4: Notes

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Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
EAS 1220

Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics Rheology o Atmosphere gas o Hydrosphere liquid o Lithosphere DIFFERENT FROM THE CRUST Contains the crust and some of the upper mantle solid o Asthenosphere Soft plastic o Mesosphere Stiff plastic o Outer Core Liquid o Inner Core Solid Composition o Layers Crust Continents vs Oceans o Continental crust is less dense than oceanic crust Archimedes principle o Buoyancy o Isostasy the balance between the weight and the buoyancy Lightly colored Low density Moho Layer between the crust and the mantle Mantle Dark color Heavy rocks Core Metallic The static picture is not accurate, inside the earth things are moving around Post glacial rebound o If a land mass was weighed down for a very long time and then the ice melts, the earth will rise very slowly to compensate for the loss of weight The crust can move up, down, and sideways o Continental drift Alfred Wegener big advocate Not a geologist, a meteorologist
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