HIST 2820 Lecture 4: Lecture 4, 5

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9 Feb 2017

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Week 2: The Place of Science
Lecture (2/6)
Is Enlightenment Science a thing? Or is it just whatever science was done over a certain
amount of time?
Would Newton himself have agreed/disagreed with what “Newtonians” believed?
Good person to be associated with even if they fundamentally disagree with one
Modern day ex. Followers of MLK’s legacy
What did Laplacians take out? While still claiming to be Newtonians?
Who gets to decide what is more scientific?
Thoughts on Reading sand the First Essay
Is enlightenment science a thing?
Who counts as a Newtonian? Who gets to decide?
Cultures of Science
More Scientific?
Actors’ vs. Analytic Categories
Actors - what historical actors use to interpret their history
Analytic - what we use as analysts.
Vicious Hamsters and what we can learn from them.
We are trying to walk around in their skin.
What did Newtonianism mean to different people?
Linnaeus doesn't look like la plas.
2 Newtons:
Irrational - alchemy, theology (product of his time, etc)
Rational - natural philosophy (because he’s a good scientist, etc)
Did you think less of Newton because he allowed the irrational side to affect his science way
more than expected?
You probably would've been okay if the science influenced religion.
Two questions to keep in mind for the rest of the semester:
Science is shaped by social, political, cultural factors.
1. If all science is socially constructed, how confident are we in our science now?
2. If it's always socially constructed, why do we claim it’s subjective? What are the stakes?
‘Theology’ ‘Alchemy’ ‘Natural Philosophy’ are not all completely different, distinct categories.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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