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Lecture 30

LING 1101 Lecture 30: Notes

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LING 1101
John Whitman

Lecture (Wednesday, April 26) Today: Finish talking about AAVE Begin talking about Language and Culture Talk about Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis Friday (read Ch10) Also Ch12 Will probably have a quiz on Friday African American Vernacular English (Ebonics) (John Rickford @ Stanford, William Labov @UPenn), argue that it is become more divergent from “standard” American English Present progressive: he runnin ----- he is running Present habitual progressive: he be running ----- he ? running Present perfect progressive: he bin running ----- he had been running Present perfect with remote inception: he BIN running ----- he has been running for a long time and still is She BIN married - 92% understood she is still married Original Oakland Resolution on Ebonics - Bilingual education & standardized test course - Instruction to African American students in their original language & facilitate learning of English Controversy 1973 - Term “ebonics” coined by Robert Williams 1996 - Oakland Unified School District school board passes resolution recognizing the legitimacy of Ebonics (AAVE) as a distinct linguistic variety → controversy ensues Oakland School Board issues modified resolution Chapter 11 (don’t think they’re related < notes John Whitman)
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