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Lecture 22

PSYCH 1102 Lecture 22: Dynamic Systems 4/27

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PSYCH 1102
Khena Swallow

4.27.17 LECTURE 22: DYNAMIC SYSTEMS PERCEPTION AND ACTION Today ● Perception and action ○ Active vision ○ The ‘how’ pathway ● Dynamic systems hypothesis ○ Central claims ○ Timing matters (interaural time difference) ○ Steam engines, walkers, and babies iClicker ● Multiple realizability ○ Different physical forms could produce the same mental states ○ Relates to species chauvinism ● According to property dualism ○ Mental experience is outside physical explanation Active Vision ● The eyes move (saccade), changing what hits the retina ○ Painting study: with free-viewing eyes move about the painting, from one point to another - with tasks, the movement changes / focuses differently ○ Eyes move several times a second ○ The image of the retina changes just as often ● What does this mean for vision ○ We don’t recreate imagines in our heads ● Change blindness ○ If we had a complete mental representation we would be good at finding a difference immediately ● Recreate an image, using the spare parts ○ People look from workspace to target to find next block while moving to spare parts, looks to spare part, check the target, then move it to the workspace ○ Sample information when it is needed - look back at target, finding matching color, look back at target, move matching block to location ● Not keeping a mental picture in mind ○ Taking advantage of stability in the real world (block study) ○ Attend to things as they are needed (just in time) ○ When something is important, we turn our heads, move our eyes to look, or pick it up 4.27.17 ○ Oddly enough, vision for action may be different than vision for identification and recognition ● Perception and action are coupled ● Vision for action Poll ●
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