AG 401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Dumpster Diving, Consumerism, Food Bank

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14 Mar 2019
1. Write a 1-page, double spaced summary of the documentary DIVE!. Include some of the
thoughts, opinions expressed, and facts shared that you found the most profound in your
Jeremy Seifert and his crew go out and dumpster dive at night to find food for consumption and
donation. Many food items are thrown out because there was a defect on one item (one cracked
egg out of a dozen) or just tossed for no reason. They live off the waste of the consumerism in
America. There’s a certain beauty seeing garbage transformed into a meal with friends. Better
meals than they could ever afford to buy Our trash cans are filled with food, you just have to go
get it. Their rules are to never take more then you need unless you find it a good home, first one
to the dumpster has dibs but share, leave it cleaner than you found it. There’s a lot of more work
involved in dumpster diving than going to a grocery store. You need to wash and clean the food
thoroughly which takes lots of time. There’s also an excess amount of food that needs to be
saved from rotting, so you need a plan to make use of all of the food. Years supply of meat in a
week of dumpster diving. The public and political will to help combat this issue and hunger is
not great enough, if people cared enough we could end the hunger in the U.S. pretty rapidly. We
need more organization and work. What kind of society wastes this much food? We don’t value
our earth and what it produces. Have we lost our connection to creation and care from all that
comes from it? Americans throw away 96 billion pounds of food (136 billion annually), 263
million a day, 11 an hour, and 3,000 pounds a second. Nearly a billion people go hungry every
day. Food makes up to 20% of landfill waste, we are feeding our landfills more than our country.
Why is all this food being thrown out and not given to people who need it? Markets are not
responding to this issue and not giving interviews about it. The US has the greatest food surplus
compared to any other nation. All this food could go to poverish countries like Haiti. Its an
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