AG 401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Antinutrient, Metacognition

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14 Mar 2019
Take-Aways and Reflective notes:
Chapter 5
Fall 2018 - AG 4010
Part 1: List, in bullet point fashion, your top 5 Take-Aways (knowledge that you gained)
from Chapter 5. See the assignment instructions for examples of appropriate Take-Aways.
- Scientists alter the DNA of plants through selective breeding in order to develop better
crops. They speed up the genetic mutation process, which can be very slow.
- The technologies in genetic modification can help feed a growing population. However,
some argue that these technologies are being used recklessly due to corporate
influence in the regulation process. These two arguments make up the GMO
- GMOs are examined by multiple US Department’s to ensure that the crop is safe to
grow (Agriculture), the crop is safe to eat (Food and Drug), and that the crop will not
harm the environment (EPA).
- It is of companies interests to get an approval of their GMO from the FDA. Companies
can be subject to lawsuits and expensive recalls from the FDA if they don’t have this
approval. Companies will make more money in the long run if they comply with FDA’s
terms to ensure safety of their product
- The FDA looks at the observational data (plant looks and behavior), the chemical
composition of the product (fatty acid content,etc), and information on the nutrients,
antinutrients, toxicants, and allergens of the entire plant.
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