BIO 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Peripheral Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System, Central Nervous System

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18 Mar 2016

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Attraction: some kind of erotically charged orientation toward a specific person. What are attractive features: scent, facial symmetry, sense of humor, personality, fitness/bmi, masculinity/femininity, waist to hip ratio. Arousal: to stimulate one"s body for physiological readiness for sexual activity. Response: sequence of physical changes that accompany sexual arousal, orgasm, excitement, and resolution. Peripheral nervous system: nervous tissue outside of the cns. Reflex: response to a stimulus, impulse from an area of the body is sent to the cns, is processed, and an impulse is sent to target tissue(s)/organ. Autonomic nervous system: part of the pns, controls physiological responses. : regulated heart rate, respiration, metabolism, bringing them to normal (normal condition) : increasing heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stimulates orgasms to occur, activates physiological responses for fight or flight (stressful condition) Mood, thinking of previous sexual experiences, fantasies. Touch, vision, hearing, smell, pheromones (debatable in humans), hormones (testosterone)