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Lecture 1

HRT 240 Lecture 1: case for mid-term

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Cal Poly Pomona
Hospitality Management
HRT 240
Edward Perez

Chapter 1 Case example 11 p12 Immormino v. McDonalds (Ohio 1998) hot tea, cup labeled hot, tea defined as boiling water, case dismissed Chapter 3 Sherman v. Marriott Hotel Services 47 black man locked out of hotel room, needed identification and was escorted to his room; white women locked out and Kerr needed no identification for her Hernandez v. Erlenbusch 49 bar said if you speak a nonEnglish language you have to go to the back booth, plaintiffs spoke spanish and their drinks were confiscated, law states that every citizen is given the right to full and equal benefit of all laws Daniel v. Paul 53 black family tried to become members of Lake Nixon Club but were told they couldnt because they didnt meet the requirements of the private club; was not a private club, only 25 cent admission and snack bar was public; interstate commerce, advertised in newspaper and food imported out of state; place of entertainment US v. Lansdowne Swim Club 57 black families rejected from being members of LSC; LSC claims to be private club and selective of its members but is not, evidence lacks selectivity Barry v. Maple Bluff Country Club Inc. 58 plaintiff accuses club to give me services to men but club is defined as a private club so it can keep giving more service to male members Demar v. Chicago White Sox 63 plaintiff is disabled at a baseball game; waits til lines go down, security forces him out and puts him on a ambulance and is charged; CWS should have accommodated him and let him chill Disabled Patriots of America v. ODCO Investments 65 defendant didnt remove barriers for disabled but plaintiffs did not detail everything so case proceeds to trial if not settled Boemio v. Loves Restaurant 69 disabled man couldnt access the restroom, was sent to use the womens restroom; in favor of plaintiff Alexis v. McDonalds 74
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