HRT 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Gross Profit, Revpar

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Inns could be found on the roads leading to religious shrines, temples, and significant trade routes. Other types of lodging: bed and breakfast inns, camps/park lodges. Enterprises in the lodging industry: private clubs, cruise ships, casinos. ,750/150 = . 00 adr: hotels are sometimes classified as budget or economy (very low adr), midscale (moderate. Occupancy rate: occupancy rate: ratio of guest rooms sold to the number of guest rooms available for sale in a given time period, expressed as a percentage, total rooms sold/total rooms available = occupancy rate. 200 rooms available and 150 rooms sold: 150/200 = 75% Revpar: revpar: average revenue generated by each guest room available. During a specific time period: measurement to combine both adr and occupancy rate, adr x occupancy rate = revpar, adr = and occupancy rate = 70, x . 70 = . 00.