HRT 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Oral Contract, Pokagon Band Of Potawatomi Indians, Mooning

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Chapter 1 Case example 1-1 p12
Immormino v. McDonalds (Ohio 1998)
hot tea, cup labeled hot, tea defined as boiling water, case
Chapter 3
Sherman v. Marriott Hotel Services 47
black man locked out of hotel room, needed identification
and was escorted to his room; white women locked out
and Kerr needed no identification for her
Hernandez v. Erlenbusch 49
bar said if you speak a non-English language you have to
go to the back booth, plaintiffs spoke spanish and their
drinks were confiscated, law states that every citizen is
given the right to full and equal benefit of all laws
Daniel v. Paul 53
black family tried to become members of Lake Nixon Club
but were told they couldn't because they didn't meet the
requirements of the "private" club; was not a private club,
only 25 cent admission and snack bar was public;
interstate commerce, advertised in newspaper and food
imported out of state; place of entertainment
US v. Lansdowne Swim Club 57
black families rejected from being members of LSC; LSC
claims to be private club and selective of it's members but
is not, evidence lacks selectivity
Barry v. Maple Bluff Country Club Inc. 58
plaintiff accuses club to give me services to men but club
is defined as a private club so it can keep giving more
service to male members
Demar v. Chicago White Sox 63
plaintiff is disabled at a baseball game; waits til lines go
down, security forces him out and puts him on a
ambulance and is charged; CWS should have
accommodated him and let him chill
Disabled Patriots of America v. ODCO
Investments 65
defendant didn't remove barriers for disabled but plaintiffs
did not detail everything so case proceeds to trial if not
Boemio v. Love's Restaurant 69
disabled man couldn't access the restroom, was sent to
use the women's restroom; in favor of plaintiff
Alexis v. McDonald's 74
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black family got the wrong order; workers being rude and
plaintiff says its discrimination; judgment in favor of
defendant bc can't prove it's discrimination
Feldt v. Marriott Corp 75
plaintiff was barefoot when ordering and paying for food
at a restaurant; against the rules; asked to leave; arrested;
if asked to leave she should leave; officer is justified to
arrest her
Chapter 4
University Hotel Development v. Dusterhoft Oil 86
there was a sewer line that UHD had to pay for,
Dusterhoft used it as well without having to pay for it;
UHD sued Dusterhoft bc it was a breach of contract; court
denied UHD bc evidence only shows negotiations not
Lederman Enterprises v. Allied Social Science 88
made a contract with Regency that they would keep 375
rooms open; no one wanted the rooms so cancelled
request; Regency tried to sue but rooms were not really
reserved under "contract" so ASSA not liable
BBQ Blues Texas v. Affiliated Business Brokers 91
oral contract BBQ and ABB, 10% commission to ABB if
BBQ found a buyer for the restaurant; sale contract
between buyer and seller; BBQ breached oral
commission, BBQ pay AAB
Adams v. H&H Meat Products 92
Adams and H&H met so that meat would be sent to
Mexico; Adams said to send it to SR Forwarding and PAC;
3 unpaid shipments, H&H sued Adams; Adams said
goods over $500 needs to be in writing; bc Adams
ordered it be shipped to SR and PAC, contract not
Filet Menu c. CCL & G 95
plaintiff bought menus, napkins etc for what he though
was a certain number/price but really wasn't; defendant
misled plaintiff and made plaintiff sign a contract when
defendant said it was a credit application; favor of plaintiff
Southern Hospitality v. Zurich American 97
after 9/11 many people cancelled flights to go to hotels;
Southern Hospitality asked Zurich for insurance claim but
Zurich denied; SH sues Zurich that Civil Authority Clause
states they will "pay for loss caused by action of civil
authority that prohibits access to described premises";
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