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Lecture 5

HRT 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Sampling ErrorExam

Hospitality Management
Course Code
HRT 240
Edward Perez

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An example of [1] ended question is
'What did you like the most about out
Marketing research problem is for
determining what [1] is needed and how
that [2] can be obtained [3] and [4].
information, information,
efficiently, effectively
One of the advantages of secondary
data is it aids in determining direction for
[1] [2] [3].
primary data collection
Primary data is information that is
collected for the [1] [2]; used for solving
the [3] [4] under investigation.
first time, particular problem
Role of marketing research: Marketing
research is the process of [1], [2], and
[3] [4] relevant to a marketing [5].
planning, collecting,
analyzing data, decision
'Sample' is a [1] from a larger
population. subset
'Sampling error' refers to error when a
sample somehow does not [1] the target
represent, population
The secondary data is the data [1] [2]
for any purpose other than the one at
previously collected
Six forms of survey research include: [1]-[2]
interviews; [3] intercept interviews; [4] interviews, [5]
surveys; [6] interviews; and [7] groups.
in-home, mall, telephone,
mail, executive, focus
The source of primary data
is [1]. known
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