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Lecture 1

HRT 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Market Orientation, MarketingExam

Hospitality Management
Course Code
HRT 240
Edward Perez

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In order for an exchange to take place, there must
be at least _____ parties, something of _______ ,
communication and delivery, _______ to accept or
reject and desire to deal with other party
2, value, freedom
Marketing entails processes that focus on
delivering _______ and _________ to customers, not
just selling goods and services.
value, benefits
Marketing objective should be ________ ,
_______ , _______ and compared to a _______.
realistic, measurable, time
specific, benchmark
A marketing plan is a written document
that acts as a _______ of marketing activities
for the marketing.
Market orientation is for satisfying
customer __________ and _________ while
meeting objectives.
wants, needs
A niche competitive advantage seeks to
target and effectively serve a _________
segment of the market.
Sales orientation is _______ looking and
market orientation is ________ looking. inward, outward
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