HRT 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Market Segmentation, Psychographic

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Among 6 roles in buying center,[1] is the
person who suggests the purchase. initiator
Among targeting strategy, concentrated
targeting strategy focuses on [1], which
means one segment of a market.
The business marketing is the marketing of goods
and services to individuals and organizations for
purposes other than [1] consumption. personal
Four characteristics of demand in
business market are: [1]; [2]; [3]; and [4].
derived, inelastic, joint,
Four criteria for market segmentations
include: [1]; [2] and [3]; [4]; and [5].
sustainability, identifiability, measurability,
accessibility, responsiveness
Four major categories of business
customers are: [1]; [2]; [3]; and [4].
producers, resellers,
governments, institutions
Geographic Segmentation of markets is
based on the region of the country or
world, market [1], market [2], or [3].
The key for business product
is [1] use. intended
Positioning is developing a [1] marketing [2] to
influence potential customers' overall perception or
a brand, product line, or organization in general. specific, mix
Psychographic segmentation is the
market segmentation on the basis of [1],
[2], [3], and [4].
personality, motives,
lifestyles, geodemographics
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