HRT 255 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Phytochemical, Micronutrient, Osteoporosis

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12 Sep 2018
HRT 2550
Foundational Knowledge for Thinking about Nutrition
Basic Nutrition Concepts
Foods provide energy, nutrients, and other substances that support growth and health
Macronutrients: nutrients that we need in relatively large amounts
o Provide energy
o Body needs energy to perform every body function:
Digesting food
Building muscle and organ tissue
Repairing damaged tissues and organs
Enabling cognitive functions (ex. Thinking, reading, comprehension, etc.)
Physical activities
Maintaining body temperature
Micronutrients: nutrients that we need in relatively small amounts
Nutrients are divided into 6 categories:
o Carbohydrates (macronutrient)
o Fats( macronutrient)
o Proteins (macronutrient)
o Vitamins (micronutrient)
o Minerals (micronutrient)
o Water (micronutrient)
Some nutrients can be assembled in our body using “raw materials:
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