HRT 350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Civil Rights Act Of 1964, Job Performance, W. M. Keck Observatory

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Chapter 4: Selection
Selecting New Employees
Selection = Legal Discrimination
Key Question: Does our selection process work?
o Is it reliable?
o Is it valid?
Is it accurate in assessing the candidates we hire?
Do we get who we think we’re getting?
Four Selection Principles
o Everyone has a clear picture of the desired employee
o Using a quantifiable process to evaluate candidates, giving numeric scores when
o Candidates go through every process; each candidate is evaluated
o Subject all candidates to the same procedures
Selection Strategies
Multiple Hurdles Strategy
o Disqualifies applicants who do not meet specific job requirements
o Requirements must be job-related and critical to the job
Compensatory Strategy
o A candidate’s strengths may compensate for weaknesses in other areas
Necessary vs. Sufficient Qualifications
Selection Techniques
Application Blanks
o Generic information including work history, educational background, etc.
o Studies of some fortune 500 companies that 98% of application forms contained
questionable material
Marital/family status
Age, race, birthplace, religion
Weighted Application Blanks: (Common)
o Applications designed to emphasize work experience related to a particular job-
related issue
o New hires are tracked to see if this method accurately predicted job performance
Biographical Application Blanks: (uncommon)
o Attempts to identify attitudes, life experiences that may make an applicant more
Pre-Employment Tests
o Since Title VII of 1964, tests must be strongly related to the actual work done in
the job
o Companies must prove that the tests are valid predictors of job success
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