PSYC 300 Lecture 2: 2.7.2017

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7 Feb 2017

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I. Tables
A. Presents data in an easy to understand graphic way
B. Makes it easy to move groups of things around
1. From one area of a paper to another
2. From one document to another
3. Quantitative data (numbers
a) Typically but not always
b) Is beneficial to know especially for grad school when student
takes GRE
C. Communicate meaning “at a glance”
1. Things being compared should be close together
2. Only information being discussed is included
a) There is a lot of important information but you have to look for it
D. APA Style Table guidelines
1. Table numbers
a) Arabic numerals (1,2,3…)
b) Top of page will start with table number, and each table get it’s
own page
(1) Order of the table should be ordered based on when it was
mentioned in the text
2. Table Caption
a) Each table must have a brief but clear caption
(1) You don't want it to be too vague but also you don’t want it
to be too detailed
(a) Too Vague - Technology and Learning
(b) Too Detailed - “Mean performance scores on
Midterm and Final of Students taught using
standard lecture, lecture with Powerpoint, or
Powerpoint Alone”
3. Column/Row headings
a) Logic of organization (i.e. how are you defining groups
b) Identification (to which group does this data belong)
(1) Group two or more individual columns
4. Spacing of Tables
a) Usually double space, but can be single if table is large
5. Ruling of Tables
a) Horizontal lines only
6. Consistency of Tables
a) Similar tables should all look the same
(1) No matter who you are, and no matter what profession, it
should still look the same because we are all following
APA format
find more resources at
find more resources at
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