CHLS 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Chicano Movement, Casta, Keith Houchen

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CHLS101 TTH 930-1045
Professor Centino
March 5, 2015
Notes: Bless Me Ultima
Chapter 14:
Ernie: Picking on Antonio because there is a witch living in his house.
Adre his rother isits Rosie’s house regularly
Fight breaks out everybody is fighting.
No one teases Antonio about Ultima afterward.
Miss Violet: Teacher
3rd grade teacher
Does’t speak “paish
Christmas play, only Antonio and friends show up to perform
They ust play soe of the girl’s parts
Play becomes hilarious
Tenorio (Salon Keeper):
Kills Narcisco (town drunk)
His gun refuses to fire at Antonio
Antonio sees Narcisco at Rosie asking for Andrew.
Andrew refuses to take Narcisco seriously and Narcisco goes into the blizzard.
Narcisco wants Maria and Gabriel to know about the threat.
Performs Catholic Act of Final Contrition for Narcisco.
Antonio in role of priest.
Connecting Narsico death to Lupito’s.
Atoio heard Lupito’s fial ofessio Lupito’s a strager
Antonio Dreams:
Illustrates how his experience furthers the development of his sense of spirituality and morality.
Dream deals with forgiveness, sin, and punishment.
Antonio dealing with feelings of betrayal throughout conflict, God functions in Atoio’s
dream as an alter ego for Antonio.
He symbolizes the part of Antonio that has difficulty forgiving Andrew for letting him down.
Antonio entrance into adolescence is his ability to confront his own imperfections and
become arrows about religion.
Mo alls out for Ultia’s lood.
Dream is also the first in which he himself dresses.
Deostrates he has gaied a greater uderstadig of Cio’s religio.
Chapters 15-18:
Midterm Prompt:
find more resources at
find more resources at
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