MUS 190 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Lorenzo Da Ponte, Clara Schumann, Johannes Brahms

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Published on 27 Jan 2019
Chapter 31: Mozart and Classical Opera
Opera types:
- Opera buffa and opera seria
- Opera comique, Singspiel, ballad pera
- Castrato vs. buffo
Mozart’s Opera Don Giovanni
- Combines elements of opera buffa with opera seria
- Set to libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte
- Based on the tale of Don Juan
- Begins with the overture in sonata-allegro form, employing themes easily associated with
the characters in the opera
- Donna Elvira’s Aria, “A chi me dice mai”
- Short orchestral introduction
- Alternates between soprano and orchestra
- Wants to rip his heart out???
Chapter 33: Schubert and the Early Romantic Lied
- Strophic form
- Through-composed form
- Modified strophic form
The Lied
- German art song
- Lied, lieder
- German text
- Voice and piano
- Romantic composers of the genre
- Franz Schubert
- Robert Schumann
- Hugo Wolf
- Fanny Mendelssohn Handel
- Clara Schumann
- Johannes Brahms
Schubert and the Lied
- Viennese composer
- Early musical prowess
- Socially shy
- Gifted songwriter
- Home and salon concerts
- Regional fame
- Died at an early age (31) from syphilis
- Classical and Romantic traits
- Chamber music is late example of Viennese Classicism
- Piano works exhibit a new lyricism
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