REC 141 Lecture 6: In-class+#6+-+Social+Capital+Worksheet

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25 Oct 2017
Activity #6 Social Capital
Read: KNIGHT Soul of the Community 2010 & Social Capital (DeGraff & Jordan 2003)
Attachment is an emotional bond between a person and their community. Using the
information learned in the two assigned readings, complete the following.
What Drives Attachment?
Of the following Community Attributes as outlied i “oul of the Couit, provide an
eaple of what C“ULB does to otriute to Log Beah’s ratig:
Availability of arts & cultural opportunities
Availability of social community events
Good place for immigrants
Good place for racial and ethnic minorities
Good place for gays and lesbians
Beauty or physical setting
Why is it important to study attachment? How does it help governments plan for the future?
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find more resources at
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